Alonzo Bodden Gives The Greatest Gift: His Kidney

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

 Last Comic Standing Lays It Down For His Brother

The “last comic standing” was lying down on March 25. He was lying on the operating table. Alonzo Bodden was familiar with the high that comes from winning one of America’s reality shows. As the winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing 3, Bodden also pocketed a $250,000 grand prize. But, lying there in a hospital bed waiting to donate one of his kidneys to his older brother was surely a seminal moment in his life.

“I’m becoming a big advocate of organ donating. It’s a beautiful thing. You can literally change a life,” Bodden said in a recent interview. “I’m doing some things with the *National Kidney Foundation and online with #kidneychat.” Bodden brushes off the transplant surgery as nothing more than an inconvenience. “I went in Tuesday, I got out Friday, and I was back on stage the following Thursday. So, people, look into it!

“People say I’m a hero. I say ‘no, he owes me money. I have to keep him healthy enough to work,’” added Bodden, with a laugh. “It was a great experience. I’m fine and he’s good. My kidney works great for him.”

The 50-year-old’s career move twenty years ago worked great for him as well. After Bodden graduated from Aviation High school in Queens, NY, he got a job at Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company in Burbank, Ca. “I used to build and fix airplanes. I worked on the stealth fighters. I built those back when they were top secret.”

It was when Bodden began to train new mechanics that he discovered comedy was really his niche. He used humor to instruct his students. “Once I tried comedy, I made an agreement to never fix a plane again. I’ve never gone back on that.”

What Bodden has gone on to, mechanically speaking, is riding motorcycles. “I love riding. Motorcycles are my escape vehicles. I put my helmet on, I go for a ride. It’s a real break from reality–from life. One guy offered me a Bluetooth helmet and I hit him with it. I love riding in the desert at night. The temperature is just right.”

Bodden, who has appeared on film, radio and television and released a Comedian Boddencritically-acclaimed comedy DVD, “Tall, Dark and Funny,” will be at Brad Garret’s Comedy Club at the MGM Hotel, May13 – 19.

“I travel all of the time to clubs all around the country. The great thing about coming to Vegas is all of America comes to Vegas– instead of me going all over. Last week I was in Rosebud, South Dakota.” 

Bodden’s humor is generally clean. He often tells jokes about his life as a perpetual bachelor. “I’m still single. I’m married to the road. I’m okay with being single. I’m at that age where I’m not so ready to get myself into trouble, but I will cash in when I can.”

If the comedy stage were to ever lose its appeal for Bodden, he has a couple aces up his sleeve. “I’d probably go into the motorcycle industry. Or be a kept man. You know, find some woman that I can hang out with. I’m not much good around the house but I’m well behaved, housebroken and relatively clean.”

It’s said that performers always give of themselves when they are standing before an audience. So how about a big hand for Alonzo Bodden, who literally gave a piece of himself to save his brother’s life.  Now, that truly is a beautiful thing. – Christine McKellar

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