An Ode to the ‘Recycled’ Gift Bag

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

 (I have beautiful, artistic and special gift bags in a hall closet that are too pretty to ever throw away.  Like others, I’ve been known to “recycle” these gift bags by passing them on with gifts to friends and family. Then it struck me that maybe the person before me had “recycled” a lovely gift bag too and passed it on to me:  That some gift bags are destined to keep on gifting until they are too worn and shabby to share anymore.)

gift bagI had to wrap a gift in haste

So off to the jumble closet I raced

I opened the door and to my surprise

There were gift bags galore in every size!

There were bags with ribbons

Bags lined with laceblue gift bag

Velvet bags with style and grace

Long and short

Square and round

It was gift bag heaven that I had found!

As I gazed upon my plunder

birthday bagI paused and thought with surprised wonder,

Each gift bag’s worth is without measure

Each one of them once held a treasure

Meant for someone near and dear

A courier of love, goodness and cheer!

And so I selected a bag from the bunchface gift bag

And as I filled it I had a hunch

That the bag in my hand must have passed through others,

Laden with a gift for parents, friends, sisters or brothers-

Before it found its way to me

Who now in turn shall set it free

Again to travel and roam around

From home to home and town to town

Filled with good wishes and something new

Bringing smiles and joy as only a ‘recycled’ gift bag can do!

C.L. McKellar 12/2013