Anthony Cools: Living a Dream With The Secret

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

hypnotist CoolsThere are two things to consider when sitting in the audience at a show featuring a hypnotist who invites volunteers onto the stage. A.) You can’t be hypnotized unless you allow it.  B.) If you’re stoned or drunk it simply isn’t going to happen.

There are other variables if you make the cut. A major one is: who is the hypnotist? If it’s Anthony Cools, who has made Vegas history with the longest running hypnotist show on the Strip, then you’re in the hands of a seasoned pro that prides himself on pushing the adult envelope with “clean, dirty fun.”

“Hypnotism is a science not an art,” says Cools. “Anyone can learn it. It’s like learning to be a doctor or a house painter. The key is in how you apply it. The way I pull it off on stage? It becomes an art.”

Cools, a native of Canada, was always fascinated by hypnotism and the theater. His work credits include nightclub manager and DJ. He came to Vegas firmly entrenched in the science of hypnotism and with a plan. “I was born to be an entertainer. I was the class clown growing up. I always had to be the center of attention. I was into radio and cinema in college but I was also in business at age twelve. I had three company vehicles by the age of fifteen. When I first came to Vegas in 1994 I saw there was a dollar to be made here.”

Aside from his long running show, Cools had a hand in a number of productions in Las Vegas that fell victim to the economic crash of 2009 (Bobby Slayton, Penny Lane, Freaks, Mental). “I was also heavily involved in the Plaza (hotel). I had the restaurant/bar Drink. I had the theater box office, the concierge, and 100 percent of the hair salon. I had all those business up and was working 18 hours a day. Now I’m doing things for fun. I see so much opportunity here in Vegas. It’s difficult for me to walk away from opportunity.”

Cools latest business opportunity is a new venue at Cabo Wabo Cantina: “Party Comedy”.  “I just had to put my name behind this show. It’s a Las Vegas version of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ I really believe in this cast. They’re an amazing bunch of people. The show is so cute and so tight. It’s just irresistible. The fun atmosphere fits the branding of Cabo Wabo.”

A good part of the success Cools has found with his show at the Paris is that each show ishynotist and journalist unique: he sets the stage and the audience writes the script. “People can come time and time again and never see the same show. Certain cycles like a full moon, economics, the time of the year, all affect an audience. I do my best with whatever audience I get. And I’m always in control.”

While Cools may be in control, some of the participants on stage lose their “cool” while simulating sex acts, orgasms, and other bodily functions. It’s all in good fun, however, and the night’s antics are available for purchase on CD’s at the end of each show.

Success has come not easily but naturally to Anthony Cools. “I believe in The Secret. It’s a 2006 documentary,” he says. “I was practicing it my whole life. I just didn’t know it. If you believe you are living the dream and having the best life you can, then that’s what the universe gives back. I believe in the law of attraction. Don’t worry about things. Focus on what you want that will make you happy.

“Use your smiles and happiness to bring you more smiles and happiness. I’m living my life on my terms. I don’t believe in anything I’ve been taught by society and I wake up smiling every day and go to bed smiling at night. Whatever you want you can have. Whatever you think you can do, you can do it.”

It seems the Vegas history-making hypnotist knows what he’s talking about. In his spare time Cools flies airplanes, plays a number of musical instruments, and dabbles in paint and photography. His 2013 New Year’s resolution was to drink more alcohol and have more fun. “I really am focusing on enjoying my life. I turned forty-seven in July and I’m not worried about money anymore.”

Anthony Cools is living the Secret: and it seems his dreams have all come true.-Christine McKellar

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