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“Art All Over” Exhibit at Caesars Palace: It’s a Rad, Rad, Rad, Rad World”

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Contemporary San Diego Artist Collaborates With Celebs

red rad artContemporary artist, Nan Coffey, will showcase her “It’s a Rad, Rad, Rad, Rad World” art exhibition in Skye Art Gallery at Caesars Palace on Saturday, August 6 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Held on the same weekend as Caesars Palace’ 50th anniversary celebration, the show will feature the largest collection of works ever shown by Coffey in one place at one time including never before seen originals, limited edition prints, hand painted objects and screen prints hand-pulled by Nan.

Nan’s art style is referred to as “Art All Over,” where she utilizes the entire surface of her chosen canvas and is free to express herself on any object that inspires her creativity. For the first time ever, Nan has collaborated with celebrities and other artists to create new pieces—using one of Horace rockin' blue artPanter’s, founding member and bass player of The Specials, cassette tape giclees; Grammy award winning Producer Bob Kulick’s studio guitar; and Las Vegas photographer Julie Bergonz’s ska punk photos.

“It’s a Rad, Rad, Rad, Rad World is about celebrating life, creativity and the rad world that we are lucky enough to be existing in today,” said Nan Coffey. “Art is personal and I include myself in every single piece of work that I produce. The process of making art is the real art behind everything. To be able to take the flood of images in my head and pour them into reality is the reward.”

Nan’s intention is to use her unique artistic talents as a vehicle to show connectivity, inclusion and love in the world. Nan will be in attendance at the “It’s a Rad, Rad, Rad, Rad World” art exhibition the evening of the show. Skye Art Gallery displays Nan’s work year round.

artist and head sculptureNan is based out of San Diego and has a bachelors in Animation from the San Francisco Academy of Arts and occasionally paints live at galleries or public events for people to view her process.

For more information on Nan or about her upcoming show, visit or like her on Facebook at To RSVP to “It’s a Rad, Rad, Rad, Rad World,” please visit the gallery’s website at