In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar


artist awardThe event that cracked the glass ceiling for art is about to turn glass into Lucite to ensure its sustainability all over the world.In 2005, the ARTV Awards, the first-ever Fine Arts awards show to be aired on national television in the United States, premiered at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and was broadcast on NBC Bravo. Now ARTV creator and founder Audrey Roberts is getting ready to present the Third Annual ARTV Awards show from Las Vegas in October 2014 and is turning to the Kickstarter crowd-funding program for help in supporting what artists desire the most — a MUSE.

The beautifully sculpted MUSE Award is presented to the recipients of the ARTV Awards in each of 10 Fine Arts categories. Originally, it was made of etched glass and sandblasted by an ARTV Awards nominee — a true work of art in itself.  However, in the interest of preserving its longevity, Roberts is looking to recreate the coveted award in Lucite to make it more durable for the recipients to transport around the globe for their exhibitions.

“The MUSE is a symbol of creativity and inspiration and my goal is to make it visible internationally and to bring the Arts and artists to a worldwide audience,” Roberts says. “The mission of the ARTV Awards is to inspire creativity and to provide funds for cultural education. The 2014 ARTV Awards will boast three days of festivities, including art exhibitions and auctions. The VIP/Press Party and Silent Auction will take place at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health/Cleveland Clinic. The Red Carpet Ceremony and the ARTV Awards presentation will have a celebrity host and name presenters, judges, performers, musicians, singers, dancers and performance artists. The event will once again be filmed for television and I’m working on getting it aired as a special on PBS.”

Roberts is asking ARTV supporters to make a pledge, which can be as little as $10, in return for which they will receive unique gifts that cannot be purchased at any store. Supporters can receive such items as the ARTV video/DVD collection, limited edition premiere posters, handmade crafts, VIP Event Tickets, and artworks from ARTV’s private Fine Arts collection. All of these rewards are 60 % below retail.  Roberts is once again securing the event by offering up $500k in art inventory and merchandise for liquidation to fund the ARTV Awards and to provide monies for art education.

The Kickstarter goal has to be met by January 8, 2014. People can go on to see the MUSE Award and learn more about the ARTV program. ‘Tis the season to be shopping!