Beatles show

Beatleshow Orchestra Wears the Lads Like A Second Skin

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

Beatles showYesterday seems so far away if you’re like me and are a child of the 70s. The Beatles were a wee bit before my time, although I absorbed through sibling osmosis some of their music and also that of a variety of other early rock and roll pioneers.  Therefore, I was somewhat surprised on a recent outing with a group to see the Beatleshow Orchestra  at the Saxe Theater Planet Hollywood to find I knew almost every word to each classic Beatles song in the band’s repertoire.

Touted as “The #1 Beatle’s Tribute Band in the World” by the Los Angeles Times, the four talented musicians wear their respective personas like a second skin as they morph through four definitive decades that define the Beatles metamorphosis from pop mop heads to serious musicians with individual messages.

Stylized settings and romping go go girls add to the authenticity of the production. It’s as close to a real Beatles concert as one can get. From Beatlemania to the White Album, this fun immersive show is a nostalgic journey for mature audiences and a wonderful Beatles primer for younger generations.

The Beatlesshow Orchestra plays at the Saxe theater 5:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday inside Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile

Sax Theater (866) 932-1818