Divorce Party Las Vegas: Girls Just Wanna Have…

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

four women on a stageDivorce was once a topic that was treated with as much discretion as “female problems” and “cancer.” In my parents’ day divorce was unheard of and if the subject need be broached it was done in whispers and never in front of the children much less broadcast on TV, in the newspaper, or on the radio.

Back then, it was generally accepted that one might meet one in 100 who had cancer or knew someone who had cancer—and the same with divorce. Women’s issues were pretty much neglected and generally ignored.

Today we have merry musicals about menopause, major fund-raising celebrity-endorsed events for cancer, and a plethora of inspired movies, jokes, and hit songs about divorce.

A recent addition to the stream is the musical, Divorce Party Las Vegas (http://divorcepartylasvegas.com/), now playing at the Windows Showroom in Bally’s, Las Vegas.  Dr. Amy Botwinick, co-author and producer, is also the author of Congratulations on Your Divorce: The Road to Finding Your Happily Ever After.

Divorce Party Las Vegas hits high notes of humor with a very talented cast but also delivers a little Too-Much-Information where it could perhaps use the prestige of innuendo to drive home certain points: Pubic and nipple hair are things best left in the salon and in the hands of grooming experts.

BOBs (Battery Operated Boyfriends) make great props for the adult humor mill but they don’t necessarily make the most attractive dance partners.

There are some real chuckles throughout the 80-minute show as well as several excellent dance and song routines: in particular, “Gay Guys are a Girl’s Best Friend,” sung by Jeff Brooks, brought the room to its feet. Jacquelyn Holland-Wright shows Helen Reddy a thing or two about today’s society with “I am cougar, hear me roar, watch out if you’re 24.”

Divorce is never fair nor is it something one would want to put on a bucket list.  After all; a pizza guy, a randy massage therapist, a makeover maestro, pints of ice cream and even the best of girlfriends can’t compensate for the loss of a mate or the emotional and financial fallout that usually accompanies the dissolution of a marriage.

In the best interests of the (out-dated) school of thought that there are certain things that should be left to the imagination or not brought into the spotlight in the first place,  I recommend you have a great night out with the girlfriends but leave the real “boys” at home during this or any other “divorce” party. –Christine McKellar

Show tickets are available at http://divorcepartylasvegas.com/
or by calling the box office at 855-234-7469/702-777-2782. Show times: Saturday – Thursday at 8 p.m.