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From Youthful Misfortune to Adult Triumph

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Matt Goss is The Real Thing at the Mirage (Hotel)


Photo Edison Graff

Photo: Edison Graff

British born crooner Matt Goss made my foot throb last weekend at 1 Oak nightclub inside the Mirage Hotel. Granted, I’m recovering from major toe surgery that’s left me hobbling about in an Orthopedic boot. Nevertheless, the soulful singer certainly took my mind off my damaged digit as he alternated between vocally caressing his  audience and inspiring men to strip off their ties and women to dance in the aisles.

No stranger to success, Goss admits on stage that early in his career he’d fallen prey to others greed and mismanagement. Subsequently, multiple millions of dollars slipped through his fingers as well as those of his twin brother and Bros drummer, Luke.

Young, and flush with the adoration of thousands of gushing prepubescent girls in their native London, Goss and his twin were riding at the top of the pop music world in the late 80s with several hit singles and performances as the pop rock sensation Bros at Wembley Stadium and other venues. But once the piper needed to be paid, they found themselves at the mercy of their agent and faced with mounting unpaid bills and property repossessions.  It’s a sad story amidst a jumble of equally as sad magic carpet rides in the music industry.

From Youthful Misfortune to Adult Triumph

The twins ended up going their separate ways. Rather than wallow in self-pity, Goss dug dig and found a wealth of original material that narrates his climb back to reality and the path singer in white suitof personal growth he trod along the way. After launching his solo career in 1995, Goss went on to sell multiple millions of records worldwide. He worked with music producer Ron Fair and released an album, Life You Imagine, in the UK that features a forty-piece Hollywood orchestra.

In 2009 Goss began playing to live audiences at the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, then moved on to Caesars Palace iconic Cleopatra’s Barge. His single “Gone Too Long” was released internationally in October of 2016 and coincided with his nostalgic return to Wembley Stadium in London. With a multi-year contract tucked under his belt, Goss is now appearing at the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, in the stylish 1 Oak nightclub.

Backed by a superlative six-piece band, two sultry and soulful backup singers and the Dirty Virgins dancers, the nattily dressed Goss gets up close and intimate with his audience. He teases men and women alike, while shaking hands to afford guests the opportunity to look deep into those baby-blue eyes. The I Oak nightclub is the perfect setting for this class-act performer who turned youthful misfortune into a sophisticated man’s triumph.

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