four scared people

In Review: Stomped, Scared and Serenaded

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How(l) Freak(l)ing Scary!

four scared people

It’s been a while since I’ve screamed, then run away from ghouls and other frightful entities in terror. Last weekend I wasn’t the only one making noise and kicking up dust. My son, his girlfriend and my nephew accompanied me to the Freakling Bros Trilogy of Terror attraction located in a shopping center off of W. Flamingo and the I-215. We visited all three haunted houses; Coven of 13, Vampyre Castle, and the Gates of Hell on Friday, October 13th.

For the claustrophobic, it’s not the R-rated Gates of Hell you have to be concerned about: even though the disclaimer you must sign includes warnings about cramped spaces. It was the Coven of 13 that had me closest to truly losing it. At one point you have to crawl into a small, pitch black, boxlike area. I had my nephew in front of me who was blocked from going anywhere. My son and his girlfriend were behind me with who-knows-who (or what) behind them. There was nowhere to go. I couldn’t go forward. I couldn’t go backward. There was no going up nor down–not even sideways. There was simply No Way Out.

Just when I was about to rampage through my son and his girl back to where there was at least a glimmer of light, the trap opened and my nephew could then lead us out of the box. After THAT experience, the closet I was directly forced into at The Gates of Hell was a piece of brain-I mean-CAKE. The brain pieces came along a bit after the closet. So did electrical shocks, verbal and mental abuse, and some psychological torture. Let the adults have their fun…it’s a wise idea to leave the kiddies to the vampyres, witches and werewolves rather that lead them through The Gates of Hell. The whole experience is indeed: how(l) freak(l)ing scary!

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Pop Diva Covers Decades: Donates Proceeds to Animals and Survivors

Linda Suzanne debuted her new show “Linda Suzanne Sings Legendary Divas of Pop” at The South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa in Las Vegas couple on red carpet in vegason Sunday, October 15, 2017. Suzanne offered snippets of trivia and fact that complemented her time-honored selections.

Some of the legendary artists included: Donna Summer, Celine Dion, Adele, Gloria Estefan, Whitney Houston, Connie Francis, Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga, Linda Ronstadt and others who were true trailblazers.

The show featured a 5-piece band, dancers and backup singers. Proceeds are designated to Friends For Life Humane Society, and the National Compassion Fund to aid victims of crimes.

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Fine Desert Wine and Great Grape Stomping

crowd tasting wineThe Pahrump Valley Winery opened in 1990 and the first vines were planted shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, wild horses thought the young vines were dinner: the vines were lost. In January 2003, Bill and Gretchen Loken took control of the Pahrump Valley Winery and installed a brand new, fully functional wine production cellar including new stainless steel fermentation tanks, bottling line, grape crushing and pressing equipment, refrigeration and cooling system, a new oak barrel room for aging wine, all new tasting room and expansion, guest lounge, substantial new vineyard plantings and upgraded the landscaped grounds. This complete and total renovation of the winery also included a new state of the art kitchen and complete remodel of the restaurant, Symphony’s.

Each year, the proud proprietors host an weekend October Grape Stomp complete with stomping, snacking’, vendor shopping, free wine tasting and the biggest wine sale event of the year.  For more of the story and the glory of these entrepreneurial Nevada desert winemakers, please visit: