Laka – Express Manicure on the Go Opens at Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

Laka is the leading Israeli express manicure chain, the first to manicure boutiquebrilliantly introduce the simple but sought-after: a fashionable manicure to the busy woman: just 15 minutes, no appointment needed and on the go while running errands (and shopping) in the mall!

Personal care and fashion are the spices that add interest, color, and joy to the life of every woman, and that all women are entitled to enjoy them, No muss no fuss.

 Laka is currently in a process of accelerated global expansion: the company now has a total of 12 branches throughout Israel (and 6 branches worldwide including the new boutique in The Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas, NV).

All Laka’s branches are designed as open dynamic bars centrally located at select malls, offering manicure stations and pedicure chairs that provide each customer with an intimate experience.

Unlike most beauty parlors, a visit to Laka does not require a special trip, advance preparations or appointments. It takes no more than 15 minutes to maintain a well-groomed and fashionable appearance! Unless, of course, you choose to spend a few more minutes pampering yourself with a selection of extra treatments. For more information, please visit: