Launch of New Vegas TV Talk Show Generates A Buzz & A Sponsor

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

According to Christine McKellar, TV host and executive producer, within hours of posting a 90-second sizzle reel last week on Facebook to promote the new weekly television talk show, That’s So Vegas!, the new page received nearly 2.000 views

“We are so thrilled at the outpouring of interest from the social media community.  To top it off we got a sponsor almost immediately,” said McKellar. “Sponsors are important to us. It’s expensive to produce a show of this caliber. We also need sponsors to help expand our reach on cable and network TV channels.”

McKellar has published the online entertainment/lifestyle webzine  for five years. She was a featured columnist in Las Woman Magazine prior to that and wrote freelance for various publications. She is the author of three novels and several short stories and spent one year on four different cruise ships hosting lectures on book writing and publishing.

“Vegas fascinates people,” pointed out McKellar. “It’s one of the few cities that are so internationally recognizable you can get away with using a nickname for it similar to ‘Frisco and ‘The Big Apple’.

“Our show is shot on location. We feature up front and behind the scene interviews with personalities from all walks of life. We also have plans to highlight the rich history of certain Las Vegas locations and landmarks in future episodes.”

That’s So Vegas!® will air on Channel 47.5 and PRISM Channel 22 at Saturday, May 2,  and then at 1:30 p.m on Sunday, May 3. The following weekend That’s So Vegas! will begin airing on Cox Channel 48. Visit * or go to That’s So Vegas! on Facebook for updates.

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