Photo: Levi Walker

Legends (In Concert) That Never Languish: Celebrating 34 Years

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

Legends come and legends go, but after 34 years of wowing audiences in Las Vegas, Legends in Concert is proof that not only do true legends Photo: Levi Walkernever die—they don’t wilt or wither. Such is the case with the high-energy Legends production and cast that present ten shows a week year-round in the Donny & Marie theater at the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas.  A new addition to the tribute artists, who use their own voices and are backed by a live band, dancers, and backup singers, is Lacey Schwimmer. The gifted choreographer and dancer has teamed up with Legends in Concert for the all new 34th season.

“We are ecstatic to present an opening theatrical number for the first time in the show’s 34-year history. Opening the show with a customized ensemble piece is a concept I have wanted todancer in the air integrate into the show for quite some time,” said Gina Adams, vice president for Legends in Concert. “Lacey’s award-winning talents have dazzled fans on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and we’re thrilled to collaborate with her expertise to bring our vision to life.”

The show highlights an olio of lost musical legends spanning decades and genres: Damian Brantley as Michael Jackson is a smooth criminal when it comes to mimicking MJ’s style and technique: he steals the show. Stacey Whitton Summers as Marilyn Monroe must find MJ a hard act to follow at times-but follow she does with several sultry, pouty and seductive siren songs and truly funny interactions with unsuspecting audience members.

Photo: Levi WalkerKevin Mills’ looks, voice and body language, remind many a generation what Elvis was all about. Mills almost makes you wonder if the rumor just might be true that the King is still alive and living amongst us.

As for Janis Joplin fans? Well, hang on to your seat. Michelle Rohl must have vocal chords of cast iron. She nails it and she will take a piece of your heart with Cry Baby, Bobby McGee and other Joplin classics.

As a long-time Vegas resident and a member of the media, I never tire of Legends in Concert. Media nights are always packed. I’ve seen even the most jaded of journalists rocking out in their seats during this wonderful tribute production. Legends in Concert is a show for all ages and all lovers of great classic American music.

Tickets are on sale at all Caesars Entertainment box offices or by calling 702-777-2782. More information is available at or