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Legends Bar & Grill Ramps It Up With The Raiders

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The ‘Jackpot’ is A Legends Legacy 

bar posterThere’s hardly a gambler in the world who doesn’t feel all warm and fuzzy when the venerated “Lucky Lady” (number seven) shows up in the house. For Jim and Dena Murphy, owners of Legends Sports Bar & Grill on Boulder Highway, the number seven represents the number of years of hard work that are finally paying off for the determined couple.  The “jackpot” in this case is how they took possession of a once relatively unknown Vegas “dive bar” in 2011 and turned it into a clean, lively and friendly hangout for locals, curious tourists, and avid Raiders sports fans alike.

According to Jim Murphy, the renovation of the 5,000 square foot building took some time.  “The place had been closed for two full years before we acquired it. We had to put a few bucks in and a lot of time and effort. Some of the equipment was no longer working. The previous gaming route operator had pulled their slot machines out. We had to retrofit new machines into the thirteen existing spaces on the bar top and we added two uprights. There were plenty of cosmetic and aesthetic changes, although we did keep the original footprint.”

Where there is alcohol and gambling there is generally food. “We ran the kitchen ourselves for seven meat and cheese sandwhichyears,” says Murphy, “with one exception of subleasing. That didn’t work. It didn’t meet our standards. Just last month we executed a sublease with Monti’s Smokehouse BBQ Gourmet Food Truck and Kitchen. Barbecue seemed like the perfect fit for our demographic.”

He went on to explain that while Monti’s is busy with catering, weddings receptions and strategic positioning of their truck across the valley, they maintain the kitchen at Legends seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. “It’s a win-win for both of us and the food is amazing!”

A Raiders Boosters Base Camp

As the story goes, in the spring of 2012 the president of the Official Raiders Booster Club Las Vegas dropped by the bar one night. “He asked if we’d ever considered becoming a team affiliate bar. Number one, I’m from New York. I’m a Giants Fan,” Murphy recalled with a chuckle.  “Number two, we were a neutral bar and celebrated all games. He said, ‘give us one pre-season game. If you’re not happy, we’ll never come back’.”

Murphy gave him the chance. “They packed the place. We experienced the highest sales ring to of football fans They’ve been with us ever since.” The recent decision by the Raiders to move to Las Vegas has had a positive impact on the bar and the location of Legends is a big plus. “We’re only a mile from the Sam Boyd Stadium (home to the UNLV Rebel Football team, the Las Vegas Bowl, AMA Supercross Series Finals, the Monster Jam World Finals and the Vegoose music festival),” Murphy points out. “The fans are tremendously loyal, and they show up (here) in big numbers.” Legends also attracts patrons from rugby, pull truck, and other events at the stadium.

Not all is simply super sports, great food and video poker at Legends Sports Bar & Grill. Murphy keeps his clientele entertained with a variety of events throughout the week; a $25 Buy-In Texas Hold Em cash and coin in boxPoker Tourney each Thursday and Friday night, league team pool, Four of A Kind Bingo, and even a Trivia Team competition on Friday nights. Music abounds with “Country Jam With Sal & The Renegades”, Wednesday from 7-11 p.m. “Jimmi Jam and The Flashbackers” perform each Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“People come from all over the valley,” says Murphy. “We also have our regular Friday night feature bands that are well known and have a good following. On Monday nights we sometimes have an acoustic event or a duet of some sort.” Murphy is entertaining the idea of adding Karaoke to his entertainment lineup.

A Full Deck and A Touchdown

With such a full deck, one can only wonder what new ventures Jim and Dena Murphy foresee in their future. “We’ve had a number of offers from interested buyers and those who want in as partners to open a second or third location,” Murphy says. “Dena and I have talked about relocating. That would make us more inclined to entertain offers.

“Everything’s for sale, right?  If someone came up today with the right number, I would probably move on to the next project. Whatever that might be,” he added with a laugh.

Whatever that might be, this writer has no doubt it will prove to be a touchdown.


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Hours:  Always Open

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