If Marriage Can Be Murder: Could Divorce Be More Fun?

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

 Cast & Guests Out to Outwit Each Other at The D Hotel

two comedians at couchJust as the D Hotel was transformed and upgraded from the old Vegas standby Fitzgeralds  so did the interactive comedy murder mystery dinner show, Marriage Can Be Murder, transform:  from playing in a Henderson restaurant to performing on the stage at the newly renovated D.  Hosted by “DD” (Jayne Ann Savoie Post) and her recalcitrant co-host Lt. Post (Eric Post), the show not only involves innocent audience members in the production—guests are encouraged to use their cellphones for a “fourth dimensional” experience involving Facebook.  You can play along on your phone and get clues from the FB Marriage Can Be Murder website.

Planted among the audience are actors who move the murder plot along to a surprise resolution.  DD and Lt. Post are obvious veterans (he really IS a veteran U. S Navy Lieutenant) to comedy improve and the stage. There is no tourist or local’s history that the duo can’t cap on much to the enjoyment of the rest of the audience.  Race, creed and religion are treated with an equal disregard that keeps the playing field level and filled with revelry. Selected audience members help remove dead bodies, keep an eye on the clue table, and generally help with the story line.

The show starts promptly at 6:30 (seating is at 6:15) and a three course meal is served while clues fly and unwitting contestants are chosen. It’s a whodunit, who LOOKS like they dunit, who should have dunit.

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