One Nurse, One Hope, One Long Gratifying Run

In Christine on The Scene, That's So Vegas! TV by Christine McKellar

runner with fans

Transcontinental running nurse, grandmother and cancer survivor Helene Neville completed an unprecedented journey across the United States at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino on Saturday, Sept. 23.  She has run 9,713 solo miles around the 36 perimeter states of the United States. For 7,173 of those miles, she carried a 22-pound urn filled with the ashes of her brother, who passed away just before the start of her 2013 run.

Saturday’s achievement was the the last 500-mile leg of a seven-year, 12,855-mile solo run across every state in the continental United States, making Neville the first woman, and second person, on the planet to ever achieve such an accomplishment.

“Alone you can only go so fast, together as a community you can go so far,” said Neville, when asked about the support she received daily along the route of her self-funded journey.

Not only has Neville been able to enjoy the scenery at her own pace, she’s enjoyed being enthusiastically embraced by America. “There is such a heartfelt display of humanity. We’re all one team. We’re all ‘one on the run’. One community and one country. There’s so much good out there,” she claims.

Neville currently holds four world running records, a star on the Flag for Hope, and is an inspirational speaker and author.

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