Playing Naughty: Scott Weiland Stumbles But Doesn't Quite Fall

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

Stone Temple Pilots became a part of my music repertoire largely due to my stepsons’ interest in the Seattle-based grunge band. When the hit song “Plush” was brought to my attention, I was immediately attracted to front man Scott Weiland’s voice: it was so evocative of Jim Morrison from The Doors.

I was, and still am, puzzled about a line in “Plush”: Is he singing pearl concert“where are you going with the master plan?” Or is it “mask you found?” Or, even *“mastiff hound?” I could have asked Wieland himself if I’d had access to him after the concert Saturday night at Pearl inside of the Palms Resort Hotel.

My first and only Scott Weiland concert, part of the “Purple at the Core” tour, left me puzzled but not disgruntled. I didn’t know what to expect. What I liked was the Elvis Costello vibe I gleaned from the body language of Weiland and his onstage ensemble; jacket, slacks and slick shoes.

What I didn’t get was the mega “megaphone-age” and the skirling Theremin: perhaps just a dose or two of that freaky sci-fi sound would have sufficed. At one point it seemed like it was more a group of kindergartners being naughty on the playground with the two instruments instead of a headlining rock band performing for their fans.

Despite some slurring and near slippage, I have to admire the energy of Weiland and the band (he mentioned the drummer had overindulgedrocker the night before). After seeing Joe Cocker onstage and in person, Dean Martin at his worst, and too many other super-stars under the influence in various public venues, I wasn’t that distracted from the music.

But then, I’m not a diehard STP fan. My biggest disappointment was that Weiland didn’t sing “Plush”, the song that led me to him. However, I was amply rewarded when Weiland performed a very passable Doors’ “L.A. Woman.” –Christine McKellar

*(Now that I know “Plush” was written after Weiland read about a young girl’s kidnap, rape and murder in his hometown of San Diego—I’ll settle for “mastiff hound.”)