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Reach For The Stars–and The Crossbows

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

Two Tantalizing Summer Shows Make Vegas Debut

acrobat and crossbowThis summer, The STRAT Hotel Casino & Sky Pod   (formerly the Stratosphere) in conjunction with a comprehensive property remodel, is featuring a one-of-a-kind immersive and otherworldly production aptly titled “Celestia”.

Housed in a 30,000 square-foot tent, an elite ensemble of highly trained and skilled acrobats, aerialists and contortionists carry the audience along in a dreamlike sequence of astounding  athleticism, daring do, and aerial artistry.

Along with several alumni of NBC’S “American’s Got Talent”,  the troupe of world class performers fly, bend, twist, throw daggers and fire flaming arrows at a damsel, and perform an array of  amazing feats that highlight man hanging on wheelhuman strength, endurance and artistry: all set in an ethereal atmosphere complemented by an equally as enchanting sound track.

The 70-minute show is family friendly and the atmosphere is casual. Children, and adults, will appreciate the  Neverland/Peter Pan quality of the show and the occasional interaction of the cast with the audience. Uplifting and inspiring for one and all. For tickets and show times CLICK HERE


The Hunger Games Exhibition

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You don’t have to be cuckoo for Katniss to enjoy “The Hunger Games: The Exhibition” now open at The District at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. Based on the blockbuster movie franchise, the exhibit offers showcase galleries that highlight Katniss Everdeen’s rise from the dingy dystopian District 12 and her evolution in becoming the finite symbol of freedom and independence: the Mockinjay.

iconic gownGuests are led on a mission to become part of the rebellion. Interactive exhibits include how to make your own propaganda commercial, an explorable map of Panem, the Game Maker’s control table, a visual motion sensor game, and a hands-on archery experience with plenty of rubber tipped arrows and a 60-foot wide interactive target projection screen.

Set recreations include the Hall of Justice, President Snow’s Office, the Tribute Train, Capitol TV and District 13. The Costume Galley features up to 30 stunning original costumes and accessories worn by the cast and include Katniss’ bow and arrows.

A fun, immersive way to enjoy a family outing that has something for everybody, from fantastical fashion to crossbows and  videos, “The Hunger Games: The Exhibition” is open daily. Each exhibit ticket includes a collectible commemorative badge and can be purchased  HERE or at The Hunger Games: The Exhibition Box Office at the MGM.

Age Requirements: All ages welcome, however children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Adults (Ages 12+): $35 Children (Ages 4-11): $25