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Showgirl Collection Curator Seeks A Classic Venue: Episode 1

In Christine on The Scene, That's So Vegas! TV by Christine McKellar

show girls and fireplaceCurrently housed in “Boylesque” star Kenny Kerr’s old mansion in Paradise Palms, Grant Philipo’s Las Vegas Showgirl Museum is looking to expand into a 65- to 70,000-square foot venue that can accommodate its collection of 30,000 artifacts that includes more than 1,000 mannequins adorned with the gorgeous costumes of the great Las Vegas extravaganzas: the value of which is so great that it can’t even be determined and has been deemed “priceless.”  Just 100 pieces of the collection were appraised at $15 million. Many of those artifacts are currently residing in four different warehouses in Las Vegas.

The one-of-a-kind collection contains costumes from famous designers Bob Mackie, Pete Menefee, Michael Travis, Bill Hargate and others and artifacts from producers Donn Arden, Barry Ashton. Frederic Apcar and more. It also takes in shows from Paris, New York, Reno, and Lake Tahoe, as well as movies and television shows. In addition, there are costumes and jewelry worn by such stars as Ann-Margret, Carol Channing, Raquel Welch, Lynda Carter, Rosemary Clooney, Omar Sharif and Liberace as well as on TV shows such as “The Donny and Marie Show” and “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.” Join the call to action to help the museum find a public venue at


Episode one of  two: That’s So Vegas! TV with Grant Philipo in his palatial home/museum in Las Vegas.