TBT: Appliances With Pizzazz!

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

The 70s were the days for appliances with pizzazz. True, you had to use some elbow grease, and your fingers and wrists, with items like the washer and dryer, the toaster, the oven, and the early microwaves. But, the colors were so much fun and added an oddly festive dimension to the kitchen.

Who would have thought back then, when still in awe of the microwave, that people in the future (today) would actually be speaking to their appliances in order to make them work, or that the appliances would be talking back when maintenance is due or its become low on certain necessities?

I still think coffee tastes divine when brewed with an old fashioned percolator: there is also something comforting in the aroma and the little burp-burp sound as it brews.

Mixers and toasters back then were utilitarian at best and pleasantly uncomplicated. And the same applies to the washing machines and clothes dryers. There were fewer selections to baffle the non mechanical-minded, and you didn’t need to be an expert in computer science to figure out what buttons to push for which action you wanted to take.

We’ve all come along way, baybeeeee, but it seems to me there was a lot more pizzazz in the appliances of old. There was something kind of comforting in their rounded corners and twisty knobs. I sadly ask, “where has all the color gone”?