TBT: Slowly I Turned…And So Did They!

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

Being the youngest of six children wasn’t always a picnic. The three older siblings were within a decade each ahead of me so I didn’t share their interest in music and entertainment. It seemed we were two camps: the “big” kids and we three “little kids”. Those were the days of limited network TV, no computers, no cell phones and no video games. If we three weren’t outside playing, we were inside play ACTING. My brother Pat, sister Cathy and I would do mini theatrical skits for the enjoyment of our parents and the “oldsters.”

This absolutely classically comical skit by the Three Stooges was the favorite of all. To this day, I can bring a smile to the faces of, and laughter to the heart, of my surviving siblings (two), by simply saying  “Niagra Falls,” or, “blood! blood! dribbles of blood!”


The drama and heartache the Stooges shared behind the scenes; dealing with hard driving producers, ailing family members and debilitating strokes and illnesses, was never reflected in the demeanor of these hard-working comedians. While they never became top critics choices in their lifetimes, under the skilled direction of Moe Howard, they carved out a unique niche and left a legacy of laughter for generations to come.