Terry Fator's 'Kentucky' Christmas: Heart for the Homesick

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

 The Spirit of Country Christmas Thrives at The Mirage

billboard for comedy showThere is something simply beguiling about Terry Fator. Perhaps it’s the way he handles his creations-those hand puppets of pizazz. Fator, who headlines in his own showroom at the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, debuted his Country Christmas show Monday night to a packed and appreciative crowd.

This year’s theme is along the lines of guess who’s coming for Christmas dinner to cheer up a homesick couuntry style puppetKentuckian, Walter T. Airdale. And what a mind-blowing experience it would be to be seated at THAT Christmas table along with Duggie (Scott Walker) the Stoner Dude, Vikki the Cougar, Walter T. Airdale, Winston, Maynard Thompkins, Emma Taylor, Julius and Berry Fabulous. Oh, and special guest Bing Crosby who does a duet with Garth (Fator) Brooks.

black puppet Fator is the master of ventriloquism. His vocal range allows him to project upon his specially and delightfully designed hand puppets a variety of easily recognizable music super stars; Etta James, Cher, Garth Brooks, Elvis, Nat King Cole, James Brown, Willie Nelson, Lady Gaga and many more. Fator’s lips never move. But you can sense by his body language that he’s channeling his energy into each character.

Fator writes his own scripts and some of the jokes reflect a politicallystoned handpuppet conservative and Christian background: a most refreshing change. There is no hypocrisy either. Annoying neighbor and stoner dude Duggie gets appreciative laughter and applause with his allusions to a certain green herb (and Willie Nelson); and for this Christmas dinner there are some very popular brownies on the table.

Without fail, Fator engages a hapless husband from each audience for a Dolly Parton routine on stage. He also offers a salute and tribute to American soldiers during every show. All proceeds from the Terry Fator memorabilia on sale after the show are donated to military non profit organizations. Fator recently made a million dollar commitment to Opportunity Village. A decent singer and song writer in his own right, Fator dedicated a special Christmas song to those serving overseas who won’t be home for the holidays this year.

cougar puppetAt the core of the revised show is the question: What is the true meaning of Christmas? With wit and humor the characters take a stab at the definition. It’s not until the end that the answer is made apparent. Christmas at the Fator house is about caring and sharing. It’s about joy. It’s about God and country. It’s about the magic of Terry Fator that brings the imagination to life. – Christine McKellar

To make reservations and meet the characters, please visit: terryfator.com