The Aussie Heat Takes The Cake-Hand’s On!

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

five dancers in white

“If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen,” could aptly be applied to the spate of shows on the Las Vegas Strip that have opened and closed this summer as rapidly as it takes a cup of water to boil in a microwave. Only a handful seem to have the right ingredients to remain staples on the local entertainment menu. In the case of the Aussie Heat those ingredients are six talented, waxed, oiled and buffed-out acrobatic male dancers from Down Under.

The adult-themed male revue originally opened three years ago at the D Hotel Las Vegas as “The Aussie Hunks.”  Under the leadership of General Manager, Adam Barr, the show modified the original beefcake moniker and moved to a more centralized location at the V Theater inside Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood.  “Las Vegas is the number one location for male revues on the planet,” says Barr. “The best of the best are here. We found we had to compete with that and shows that have unlimited budgets and are backed by big casinos. We’ve been able to somewhat mold our show. I can’t tell you the amount of times I hear that the number one thing customers like (about the show) is the interaction. That and the comedy.”

There is plenty of interaction five nights a week both on stage and off with the Aussie Heat. Barr emcee’s the show with humor and a keen eye for guests who fit into the variety of musical dance skits performed by his cast of stripping, spinning, tumbling and chiseled Australians. Some of the skits lend themselves to audience participation with women in jeans, others work better with guests in skirts or dresses. “Nobody in the audience gets more attention than they want. It’s up to them,” explains Barr. “I always try to pick out a bachelorette or someone celebrating a birthday. If a group of fifteen comes in, their focus is on their friend having fun.”

Guests don’t even have to leave their seats during the show’s finale to be part of the act. The Heat leave the stage and randomly give lap dances to sometimes blushing but very willing guests of all ages and genders. Following the show, the cast treats guests to a free shot downstairs at Blondie’s Sports Bar & Grill. “The boys love to meet the girls. We get a lot of feedback on the show too. I ask how they heard about us and what do they like about the show.”

More than just a band of naughty boys from Down-Under, the Aussie Heat are staunch supporters of Opportunity Village. On a good month, they donate up to $1,000 from their photo op proceeds.  They’re actively involved with the Village as well as with the LGBT community. The troupe is  booked regularly for conventions and private events.

Not just anyone can qualify to be a member of the Aussie Heat. Barr points out that first and foremost: one must be Australian. “Each role in the show also requires a high level of skill,” he adds. “Our guys are professional dancers. We really put our focus into more than fist pumping in the air. We offer the most interactive and fun experience customers could have.”

According to Barr,  dance numbers cover the spectrum from hip-hop, b-boy, and break dancing, to line dancing and a touch of big guy ballet. Certain sexy elements will have guests on the edge of their seats, calling out for more. To celebrate over 600 performances and the milestone three year anniversary, the Aussie Heat is offering a special bachelorette party promotion. Bachelorettes receive $10 off their tickets. There is no charge for the bride, plus she’s guaranteed an onstage experience. In addition, all VIP ticket groups of ten or more will receive complimentary transportation from their hotel, accompanied by an Aussie Heat host.

Social media is an important ingredient in marketing the show. With a limited budget, Barr is constantly vying for space on the Internet. Platforms like Facebook will turn a blind eye to adult male venues who have film credits, he says, while denying advertising under an adult entertainment clause to similar smaller venues. Barr had to lobby for months to be qualified on popular travel apps.

With a current #5  on Trip Advisor for all shows in Las Vegas, it’s a safe bet the Aussie Heat could well be the best frosting to put on any celebration cake.

Tickets for Aussie Heat start at $54.99 (plus applicable tax fees) and can be purchased online at the V Theater Box OfficeFor more information, visit Aussie Heat LV  or follow on Facebook, Instagram and You Tube