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Turning Silence into Gold: Tape Face (video)

In Christine on The Scene by Christine McKellar

*“Silence is golden…but my eyes still see”, could well be the best sound bite intro for the latest Vegas entertainer to be honored with a showroom of their own. “The Boy With Tape on His Face” has certainly turned silence into gold. In a nod to maturity, Sam Wills now profiles himself simply as Tape Face. Living up to either moniker, he recently entertained a SRO audience at the grand opening of The House of Tape at Harrah’s, Las Vegas, without so much as a squeak or a snort to move his humorous act along.

These Eyes Have Seen A Lot of Love...

The former mime from the streets of Christchurch, New Zealand, uses everyday common household items; brooms, dustpans, taped man with mittensaprons and oven mittens, as props to engage audiences (and hand-picked hapless fans on stage) in a fantasy world of his own design.

The most noticeable prop of all is the strip of black tape across the showman’s mouth. Tape’s innocent and expressive eyes seem to float above the demi-mask. They convey a childlike wonder: mingled at times with mild exasperation for guests who may stumble as they do their utmost to go along with his gags.

The 2016 America’s Got Talent finalist has a string of accolades and awards that spans the globe. Now that he’s found a home and his own showroom in Las Vegas, Tape Face mostly likely can keep his lips zipped, and both eyes on the golden prize. – Christine McKellar


If you prefer your Tape Face muted and from the nose up  at that, it is advised that you do not watch this rare, in person (entertaining and most enjoyable) half-hour interview with Sam Wills a.ka. Tape Face. To date, over 23,300 views prove he’s more than a mask to many people.

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* “Silence Is Golden”, The Four Seasons. 1964