Vegas Entertainers Still Giving Their All on Social Media

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While the entire world is in turmoil due to an unparalleled flu pandemic, I’m thrilled to report that several of Las Vegas’ most talented, beloved and respected entertainers are live streaming on social media from their homes in order to entertain those quarantined or observing shelter-in-place. Here is a partial list (those not included please submit your social media handle and I’ll happily update this post).

Contact each individual on Facebook for live streaming times, etc.

#Craig Canter

#Frankie Scinta

#Daniel Emmet

#Mario Rosales


#Billy Fischer


For  added entertainment value, archived videos of a number of talented individuals I’ve had the privilege to host on That’s So Vegas TV are available for viewing. Please click the link below and enter the name of the person in the “Search” box whose episode(s) you’d like to view. (Rob Garrett, Stefnrock, Michelle Johnson, Daniel Emmet, Kelly Clinton Holmes, Phil Wigfall, The Bronx Wanderers, Marianne LeMoine Phoenix, Anthony Cools, Craig Canter, Frankie Scinta, Terry Fator, Ben Harris, Xavier Mortimer, Mario Rosales, Dr. Spencer Baker, April Bruckner, Tape Face, Pia Zadora, Linda Suzanne, Mystic Mona Josephson, Jarrett and Raja, David Goldrake, Matt Ganim, Zaina Juliette, Sean E Cooper, King Errisson, Nels0n Sardelli and George Bugatti, Llynda Moore and Mark Gendel,   Marcel Forestieri and Mycki Manning, Renee Hale, Demetra George, Tommy Lama, Chef Phillip Dell, mob author Frank Culotta, Vinnie Favorito,  and even our beloved and dearly missed Tony Sacca).


That’s So Vegas TV Episodes


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