VOE Goes TV With Weekly Talk Show: 'That's So Vegas!'

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Hottest new trend in Las Vegas TV talk shows, That’s So Vegas!® announces premiere broadcast on Channel 47.5 and PRISM 22 at 9.30 a.m., Saturday, May 2, 2015.

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Entertaining 90-sec Promo Sizzle Reel Gives Viewers a ‘Feel for the Real’ with new Vegas TV Talk Show

Las Vegas author, columnist, blogger, and publisher of vegasonlyentertainment.com, Christine McKellar, brings her natural flair for interviewing people to television with an insider’s take on the people and places that make Las Vegas the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. According to McKellar, the innovative weekly talk show, That’s So Vegas!®,  is shot on location to give viewers a “feel for the real.”

“In addition to showcasing headliners we cover all facets of who and what makes Las Vegas one of the most unique cities in the world,” said McKellar. “Hosting a talk show has long been a dream of mine. Five years ago I launched vegasonlyentertainment.com with three-to-five-minute video clip interviews. Circumstances made that unfeasible at the time so I converted to hard copy on my website. But I never gave up on the idea of going video.”

McKellar, in conjunction with Rigel Studios, Las Vegas, has produced a 90-second promo sizzle reel of That’s So Vegas!® “We’re having a lot of fun with this entire project. In the sizzle reel you’ll see clips of May’s lineup: Strip headliner Anthony Cools, Fresh52 organic market vendors, Spanish Las Vegas airline entrepreneur Luis Alvarez and Sushi Roku GM Johnny Seo.The reel highlights our creative edge and outlook.” (WATCH HERE: That’s So Vegas! Sizzle Reel)

That’s So Vegas!®, was created with one thing in mind, says McKellar. “I want to personalize Las Vegas for people everywhere. There’s so much talent and creative enterprise here that goes beyond just clubbing, conventions and gambling. There’s a lot of history and a lot of natural beauty too.

“Along with people of interest and local events we have some really fun and interesting historic locations outlined for the summer. What is so exciting today is that with YouTube and social media we can share the ‘real Las Vegas’ across the globe.”

Featured guests and locations on the show are qualified by a number of things. “It helps that in the course of publishing vegasonlyentertainmnet.com I attend show premieres and all types of grand openings,” said McKellar.  “As media, I’ve been afforded interview opportunities and contacts that give me great insight into the heart of Vegas.”

McKellar says that the half-hour taped show will expand to Cable TV and other outlets in the months to come. “For the next few months I’ll be morphing VOE over to the That’s So Vegas!® website. I’ll continue to provide weekly ‘about town’ listings and event highlights on the new site.”

Beginning May 2, That’s So Vegas!® will air on Channel 47.5 and PRISM 22 at 9.30 a.m. every Saturday and at 1:30 a.m. on Sunday. For prime cable TV channel air times on May 2, please go to our website:*www.thatssovegastv.com or go to That’s So Vegas on Facebook for updates.

*You may be directed to the vegasonlyentertainment.com website for the next 24 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE : vegasonlyentertainment will continue to publish certain content such as local listings, food & beverage, horoscopes, and feature story clips during the transition to thatssovegastv.com (TSVTV). We invite you to stay with us so please continue follow VOE.  Let us entertain you!