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Week In Review: Tape Face Then Tragedy, G2E and WOW

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Week in Review

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Tape Face Then Tragedy

It’s hard to believe it’s only been ten days since three of us left the fun and delightful Tape Face show at the Flamingo on Sunday, October 1. We had no idea how wise was our decision that night to not cruise the Strip on the way home but to take the back streets. By the time I was safely tucked into bed, SWAT teams were moving like ghostly phalanxes among the asphalt and palm trees on the Las Vegas Strip near the Luxor and Mandalay Bay Hotels.

I fell asleep under the assumption that a drunken cowboy reveler had inadvertently opened a hornet’s nest with some pistol popping. I awoke the next morning to the horror of the worst mass shooting in American history. It happened overnight in my home town and not that far from my home. Fifty-eight innocent souls murdered in cold blood. Four-hundred-eighty-nine innocent men, women and young adults injured or maimed.

Vegas is strong and resilient. Two weeks after the unspeakably atrocious act, donations are still pouring in for victims, blood bank reserves are burgeoning and memorials are blossoming throughout the city and environs. A vast majority of other countries have voiced their shock and offered support and sympathy.

As with any great loss or tragedy, those who survived or were unscathed are forever changed. The future of Las Vegas was altered irrevocably in the space of a ten-minute rampage–the repercussions of which will be felt in ways too numerous to count. God bless those who didn’t make, those who did, and those who will always carry on because it’s not just Vegas Strong: it’s America Strong.


G2E Amazes, Astonishes & Displays Major Advances

Casino Entertainment Executives, Contributors & Headliners Are Honored

curved screen video pokerWhat an amazing display of technology at the G2E convention this year. From CrystalCurve ULTRA screens on video slot machines to virtual reality (VR) and 4D slot machines. A veritable babble of countries was in attendance from Albania to Vietnam. Products displayed ranged from minute mobile gaming apps to larger than life video screens in the most high tech colors, resolutions and graphics.

The 5th Annual Casino Entertainment Awards entertained industry attendees at the Hard Rock Hotel Vinyl Room on Wednesday night.  The legendary Carlos Santana contributed a memorable musical tribute to honor the victims of the horrific Sunday evening attack on a crowd of country fans attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

The biggest winners of the night included Clint Homes, entertainer of the year, and The Isley Brothers, musical artist of the year. Also honored was comedian Rita Rudner and Mark Prows, senior vice president of entertainment operations for MGM Resorts International. Other guests and red carpet celebrities included The Village People, Kevin Burke, The Ink Spots, and Murray Sawchuck.


World of Wonder WOWs at the Rio

The internationally-acclaimed production World of Wonder has opened at the Rio. “WOW” is a water entertainment spectacular created and water acrobatics castdirected by famed director Hanoch Rosènn.  The cast of more than 30 international performing artists, acrobats and dancers fly, flip, fold, dance and defy the imagination in a 180 degree theatrical setting that engages the audience from beginning to end with 3D multi-media projections, water walls, and holograms. Add to that some truly breathtaking acrobatics, dazzling choreography, thrilling theatrical lighting, magnificent music and even finalists from America’s Got talent. Visit https://www.caesars.com for tickets.