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Asian Dining Off the Strip: Peng Zu Style

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contributed by Jackie Brett

Sometimes the visitors on the Strip don’t know what they’re missing. Dining options at a resort like Suncoast Hotel and Casino in northwest Las Vegas run the full gamut of culinary experiences with the newest being Peng Zu adding Asian dishes served in a contemporary atmosphere.

chinese shrimp soupWhile the restaurant opened in December, it officially held its grand opening this month complete with a celebratory Lion Dance and restaurant blessing. You can ask what’s in a name and with Peng Zu the story is he’s a legendary long-lived figure in China said to have lived more than 800 years. He is known in Chinese culture as a symbol for longevity and eating naturally using herbs and spices to enrich his nutrition to promote good health and especially for cooking excellent soup.

Peng Zu serves a take on his magical soup recipe and serves the superb signature dish nightly, which includes chicken broth, pork wontons, shrimp, thin egg noodles, Char Siu pork and Bok choy for $12. It’s a complete meal. Seems this soup might be more beneficial than the flu shot this year.

What really makes the restaurant stand out is dinner favorites are prepared fresh to order. TheChinese noodle soup menu features appetizers, soups, wok fried specialties, noodles, rice and vegetables, combination specials, and desserts. House specialties such as roast duck, black pepper steak, curry chicken clay pot and black bean prawns run $16 to $24. Combo specialties served with a vegetable spring roll and vegetable fried rice are $10.

The restaurant is located next to Du-par’s and along the casino’s long wall of restaurants. Brightly lit, the atmosphere is cheerful and evokes the casual noodle shops of Hong Kong and Shanghai. The most eye-catching design is the 50 authentic, screen-printed parasols from China suspended overhead from the ceiling. More contemporary art hangs on the walls and the back wall is another focal point with a wall-to-wall custom art installation designed with imagery and symbolism representing joy, longevity, and good fortune.

Peng Zu serves dinner daily beginning at 4 p.m. It closes at 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. For information, call 702-636-7111.