Grandma Did Know Best: Brew Your Own Bone Broth

In Foodie Tips & Tidbits by Christine McKellar

bag of beef broth bonesAnimals have always instinctively known that bone marrow is of the utmost importance for nutrition and survival. Our ancestors were also aware of that. For centuries women made hearty beef and chicken stock from boiling the animal carcasses left over from the daily or weekly meal. And how many adventure/action movies have you seen where survivors greedily suck down bone marrow in abject gratitude? Bone marrow can be a life-giver and a lifesaver in certain situations.

Homemakers and chefs today use bone broth, or bouillon as the French would say, as a base for a variety of mouthwatering and tantalizing entrees and side dishes. It’s the marrow in the bones that brings nutrition to the table. Accouterments such as an aromatic mirepoix and an herbal bouquet garni add flavor to broth and make it palatable for humans.

Most of the food items purchased daily by consumers already have many of the essential nutrients chemically treated, bleached and baked out of them before the products even hit the table—much less your digestive tract. Certain prescription drugs and lifestyle choices also deplete the body of critical building blocks and overall maintenance minerals. A good number of commercial broths and bouillons on the market today contain hydrogenated oils and are harvested from chemical/antibiotic/hormone treated animals.

But take heart– and take your health into your own hands.  Brew-It-Yourself Bone Broth chicken bone brothKits are now available online and offer bone broth products made from free-range chicken and grass-fed beef in easy-to-brew kits complete with  delicious and organic herbal garnis created by Chef Mike Nguyen, VP of Operations at BIY Bone Broth. Beef Bone Broth Kit

Each kit costs $38.95 (free shipping) and makes 16 cups of unadulterated and delicious beef or chicken broth that can be drunk daily as a health supplement and used in any recipe that calls for broth or bullion. Free Range Chicken Bone Broth

The human benefits are numerous. Bone broth is full of calcium, magnesium, hyaluronic acid, silicon, proline, collagen glycine, chondroitin sulfate, glycosaminoglycan, gelatin and cartilage; all of which contribute to overall health and wellness. An additional plus for pet owners is the variety of marrow bones left over for Fido in the BIY Beef Broth after cooking. The broth can also be used to moisten your pet’s food and whet his/her appetite. My Labradoodle absolutely loves this addition to her dry food and she certainly has enjoyed the marrow bones. Here’s to her health, your health, and mine.  – Christine McKellar


For more information, recipes, and to order products, please visit: BIYBONEBROTH.COM