Six Easy ‘Pleasy’ and Fun Cooking Tricks

In Foodie Tips & Tidbits by Christine McKellar

Want to wow your family or special guests with some fun and easy cooking tricks? Think they’d enjoy six-colored pasta for a psychedelic change? How about trying some onion, or red or green pepper poached egg rings? Speaking of which, there’s a tip in this video on how to display eggsactly just how good eggs are for you. You could take it a step further for Valentine’s Day and color your eggs pink before you shape them. And, if you need some good yolks for a special recipe, don’t recycle those plastic water bottles!

Let’s not  forget to dress up dessert: Make custom ice cream sandwiches in a snap or “recycle” your favorite yogurt into an ice cream pop. It’s all so easy and fun to do. Watch this short and entertaining video and become your family’s cooking pro.