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A Love For Heights and Flying Elevates Vegas Magician Elaine Alcorn

In That's So Vegas! TV by Christine McKellar

TSV TV guest, Elaine Alcorn, is a bundle of talent and energy. Magician, dancer, acrobat and pyrotechnic, she literally jumped  “train” from the Ringling Bros Circus to alight in Vegas. Alcorn’s love for heights, flying and making her own magic helped her open doors and smash through (glass) ceilings.  The limber magician, acrobat and dancer has performed in a number of well known Las Vegas productions along with Jason Andrews, Val Valentino, and Tommy Wind. She’s taken her share of tumbles and falls, yet she still enjoys the journey and thrives on flying through the air: which is probably why the first custom prop built by Alcorn is aptly called “the Bird Cage”.


Alcorn will be joining other female magicians for six months on international cruise ships in three female-dominated productions by another Las Vegas magical dynamo, Connie Boyd. The  “Beauty of Magic,” Illusions” and “Chicks with Tricks” are produced by the award-winning Connie Boyd Magic Productions.

To view all four ten-minute segments of That’s So Vegas! TV with special guest Elaine Alcorn, follow this link for the YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYcKL-q9gLCdwAMYuEGv70CJuPq3DP0iu


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