A Very Terry (Fator) Christmas Show: Side Splitting Holiday Fun

In That's So Vegas! TV by Christine McKellar

Mirage Hotel headliner and acclaimed ventriloquist Terry Fator is the perfect example of the American Dream. And not just because he’s been married three times. Unlike most others in America, this third marriage seems to definitely be the charm. Early this week Fator proudly and with obvious affection introduced his new bride, a Dallas caterer, Angie Fiore Fator, to a very receptive audience at his Very Terry Christmas show in the Terry Fator Theater at the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas. And what a show it is.

Hat’s off to Angie Fator who’s second onstage appearance went off without a hitch as she annoying neighbor duggieassisted her husband in greeting a variety of goofball guests who drop by to chitchat and serenade the Fators with some holiday cheer. It can’t be an easy feat to go from the comfort and coziness of a catering kitchen to memorizing lines and performing in a huge Las Vegas theater before a vast audience. Or to offering brownies with a straight face to an obviously impaired puppet: Or to go as far as to dress in a turtle costume to bond with a member of the cast. Mrs. Fator handled her role with poise and seemed to enjoy the onstage revelry.

Perhaps it’s true love that has loosened Terry’s creative wings and infused new ‘tude in his characters: in particular the side-splitting Merry Juana dedicated duuuuuuuude and crooner puppetannoying next door neighbor, Duggie Scott Walker. No one is spared nor neglected as the suave Nat King Cole-infused Julius dismisses Kwanza and discloses he’s Jewish, which opens a whole can of dreidel dialogue and innuendo.

Elvis wannabe Maynard Thompkins, wacky Walter T. Airdale, on-the-top enhanced Vikki The Cougar, Berry (the self-proclaimed) Fabulous, and of course, darling Emma Thompson, all join in the fun and reveal at some point their personal interpretation of the true spirit of Christmas. The charter Fator puppet, soft-shelled Winston the Impersonating Turtle, keeps the theme rolling along.

ventriloquist with female dummyFator writes his own scripts. He’s also aptly penned the lyrics to several special Christmas songs this year. The new stage video and set enhancements are technologically and aesthetically state-of-the art with great visual appeal. DJ Host Ben Harris gets the party started at the top of the show with his high energy and an amazing medley of hot dance moves and hit grooves. The talented band backing Fator is as much in the spirit as is the zany form-molded cast.

Yes, Terry Fator is a prime example of the American Dream. He’s survived a midlife career crisis: he’s gone from playing to a solo audience at a Texas fair, to nailing NBC’s America’s Got Talent, to becoming a mega-million dollar headliner at an upscale Las Vegas hotel resort. He’s survived two failed marriages, yet he still has the courage and conviction to give love one more chance. To all appearances, it seems that this very talented, good-hearted Texas boy has come up all aces and flushes and still holds the Queen of Hearts.

The Very Terry Christmas Show is a must see for all ages. There is an abundance of hysterically funny innuendo that only adults could resonate to: and it’s all presented in such a clever and good-spirited manner that no one could possible take offense. If there are some who do, bless them. Those poor blighted souls obviously were born with no sense of humor. – Christine McKellar

The Very Terry Christmas holiday and country themed show is a limited run: December 1-25, Mon-Thursday. Show begins at 7:30 p.m. For tickets phone 800.963.9634, or 702.792.7777 or visit: https://www.mirage.com/