Johnny Seo and Thom Kaz

From Spectacular Seasonal Sushi to Serious Peak Performance Coach: That’s SO Vegas!

In That's So Vegas! TV by Christine McKellar

Johnny Seo and Thom KazLas Vegas is such a unique playground. Not only is this glittering city home to some of the greatest restaurants in the world, it’s home to some of the most enterprising and interesting entrepreneurs on the planet as well! I like this episode of my show for it’s balance. Johnny and I drool over sushi and sashimi innovations and cocktails, then I get to share with Thom Kaz how you can enjoy all the best Vegas has to offer while using some techniques to ensure you don’t over indulge while you’re at it. Head on down to Sushi Roku at the Forum shops and give Johnny a hug and tell him I sent you. Then, contact peak performance coach, Thom, for an opportunity to audition for the upcoming Las Vegas based reality show, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”.