Special Guests Help Launch Inaugural That's So Vegas! TV Show

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Special Guests Help Launch Inaugural That’s So Vegas! Live Streaming WCOBM.com Network TV Show
Want to feel like a VIP with behind-the-scenes access to Las Vegas performers, chefs, entrepreneurs and innovators? That’s So Vegas! TV talk show offers you a front row seat with candid, unrehearsed interviews and on-location events. Do you have a question for headliner or chef on the Strip? Chat in real time onscreen with Christine McKellar and her guests every Wednesday, 2-3 p.m. on the new and exciting WCOBM TV network: www.WCOBM.com.Las Vegas, Nevada –That’s So Vegas! (TSV) host Christine McKellar is the publisher of vegasonlyentertainment.com. The former marketing/advertising executive turned columnist and free-lance writer is the author of three acclaimed novels and several short stories.McKellar spent one year on four international cruise ships as an author/lecturer and has traveled extensively around the world.  “Everywhere I go people always light up when I mention that I’m from Las Vegas,” she says. “With my show, That’s So Vegas! airing weekly on www.wcobm.com ,  I’ll be able to bring a real Las Vegas experience directly to people all over the world.”My goal is to share on a personalized level how and why Vegas became the mega-resort city that it is today. There’s always so much going on behind the scenes along with what’s already lighting up the billboards.”

As a member of the Las Vegas media community, the enthusiastic talk show host has access to many of the Strip’s most popular performers, community leaders and developers. “Everyone has a story and, more importantly, a back story,” McKellar points out. “You just have to know what questions to ask.  I love interviewing people. With the show being filmed live at the WCOBM studio, I can guarantee there will be some really great and unexpected insights and surprises coming from my guests.”

Recent guests on That’s So Vegas!:
– Jake Moulton of MO5AIC:  Watch Jake perform  a bit of what makes the contemporary a Capella quintet, MO5AIC, one of the most enjoyable shows on the Strip. Jake springs the  breaking news about the new residency for MO5AIC following their previous booking at Bally’s. Go here!>>> https://youtu.be/4xMnaYYyeRc

–  Rock n roll dynamic duo STEFnROCK: Stefani Savage and Rocky Jackson had NO IDEA they were neighbors until they met at a Vegas open mic venue one night. Each was returning to the love of their life– music—in order to find salvation.  And the rest is? Well, see for yourself! >>> https://youtu.be/6fb61Z7mGTk

– The Pom Palace’s “foster Queen” Carole McCabe Joy:  Near and dear to any fur baby is dedicated Pom foster “Queen”, Vegas entertainment blogger and stylista Carole McCabe Joy.  Carole explains the ins and outs, and ups and downs of being a fur foster parent. >>> https://youtu.be/lAX-qiuCfyg

-Vegas What’s Haute and Not: Carole joins Christine in announcing (with insider comments) the latest upcoming Vegas shows, concerts, dining, family (and adult) fun events and more. Stay current with Christine—right here >>> https://youtu.be/KpqKqdZB7vY

That’s So Vegas! airs each Wednesday, 2- 3 p.m. (PST) on WCOBM.COM.  Watch live from anywhere in the world via cellphone, tablet, laptop and other devices. Chat in real with Christine and her guests during each segment.

For more information on That’s So Vegas!, to request a guest booking or for sponsorship information, send an email to Christine McKellar at mckellarcl@aol.com. Visit www.vegasonlyentertainment.com for weekly food and beverage updates, current Vegas events and feature story items. Keep up to date on That’s So Vegas! at www.thatssovegastv.com. Visit for current and recent shows.