TSV guests year one

That’s So Vegas’ TV Network Host WCOBM Boasts Over Five Million Views and Climbing!

In That's So Vegas! TV by Christine McKellar

TSV guests year oneOnce upon a time, a long, long, long year ago, I released my first episode of That’s So Vegas! entertainment and lifestyle TV show on Cox Cable. It had taken months and hours and hours of shooting on location, editing, creating a sizzle reel, and lots of pre and post production to get that first episode produced. Thanks to the expertise and patience of Rick Manning at Riegel Studios I had a good enough product to get a sponsor and air the show for a month of Saturday afternoons on Cox Channel 96 (or 93? who cares? I don’t care to remember) in the Las Vegas valley.

Thanks to Cox Cable, I endured a month of breakdowns and meltdowns and ultimately defeat: each airing of the show only got progressively worse. The premiere airing had the audio dragging so badly I would open my mouth and my guest would speak. I was promised that would never happen again, and it didn’t. No, the second airing had That’s So Vegas! listed on the TV Guide and instead Cox aired a skin care infomercial in my time slot. After a flurry of freebie make-good promo spots around the valley, I was game for a three-is-the-charm and agreed to NOT CANCEL but proceed. That was my last mistake with Cox-they proceeded to air a religious program under my show’s listing and in my time slot the following weekend. It was over.

At least I got part of my sponsor’s money back. I was left with nothing but shambles and a shattered dream. That’s So Vegas! TV was the offshoot of six years of diligently editing, writing, and posting five days a week about entertainment in Las Vegas on this, my vegasonlyentertainment. com blog.  I had cajoled, coerced and begged for social media friends, public relations firms, Vegas celebs and headliners to give me a chance with my inaugural TV show. Cox sent me up in flames.

Sometimes, though, flames are what we need. While I was dying a thousand deaths, I was being approached by a fledgling Internet Network, the World Center of Broadcast Media (WCOBM), totv hosts in group give them shot. Former race car driver, Gene Woods, had a friend in high Microsoft places (retired), who had convinced him that radio is a dinosaur, cable TV was so last gen, and that streaming Internet was the Great Glittering Highway for televised shows.

I had absolutely nothing to lose, even my pride was flushed down the toilet. I was intrigued by the state-of-the-art programming, the studio and the fact that I could own and produce my own show LIVE each week in a suitable time frame. AND most importantly, I already knew the Internet was the mega highway, not cable or antenna television. (In hindsight, I should have known God had been tapping me on the shoulder all along while trying to tell me “don’t go there (Cox cable), there is something much better for you right around the corner.”)

So here I am a year later. I’m proud to be a charter member of what started out as a handful of hopeful hosts and has turned into a family of about 60 hosts in three studios; Las Vegas, NV, Hollywood, CA, and Salt Lake City, UT. The little mouse that roared in a studio within a race track garage recently reached over five million views this past month on social media and that figure doesn’t include the reach from YouTube and other outlets.

Also, and many heartfelt thanks to all of you, this blog you’re on has more than TRIPLED in impressions in the past month. I like to think it’s because the newborn, That’s So Vegas! TV, has been brought into the bosom and embrace of its mommy. I know which came first in this scenario!

I am so happy to be celebrating a year with WCOBM! You may have noticed there were a few growing pains in the first year: a few fails and some production issues. That was to be expected. It’s a whole new ballgame and a truly unique platform. I’ve had guests show up late, cancel at the last minute and not even show up at all. But, as a team at WCOBM? No biggie. We get through it. We get each other through it. And I get to do what I have always loved best: I get to interview the most wonderful, talented, creative, compassionate, caring and fascinating people in Las Vegas! –Christine McKellar