Vegas Magician/Musician: Variety Shows & Living with Hemophilia

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 April 13, 2016
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Tommy Wind: Multi Talent & Vegas “Haboob”

Tommy Wind and family have created a Broadway style venue, The Tommy Wind Theater, in the heart of the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. Tommy is a gifted magician and accomplished musician who creates a spectacular presentation of illusions, music and magic each week at The Tommy Wind Theater.

Sharing For the First Time on TV-Life With Hemophilia, Tommy Wind

For the first time ever on TV, Tommy Wind shares that he has hemophilia; a genetic disease that prevents the clotting of blood. When you consider his career as a magician, it’s amazing that Tommy has the courage to go on the stage-even a minor paper cut from a playing card could be life-threatening. The Tommy Wind Theater on the Las Vegas Strip hosts a variety of shows-adult and family alike, as well as the popular Latin American Premier Nightclub.

Tommy Wind Theater: A Variety for Adults & Families

Las Vegas entrepreneur, magician and musician Tommy Wind and his publicist Andrew Hangarter. When a show is live there is room for bloopers. MEET ANDY! Tommy talks more about being a hemophiliac and encourages others to live full, productive lives with the genetic disease. Also at the eclectic family-operated Tommy Wind Theater; Evil Dead the Musical, Vinnie Favorito and the hugely popular Latin American Premier Nightclub.

That’s So Vegas! Tommy Wind, UNLVino 2016, Grand Tasting

Tommy wraps the show in style (Andy too) and your host shares the latest in Las Vegas entertainment updates.