Put the Leap in Your Leprechaun! Caramel Irish Coffee

In The Imbibery and Distillery by Christine McKellar

If you’ve been to San Francisco no doubt you indulged in the world famous Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista bar and restaurant located at the corner of Hyde and Beach Streets, Fisherman’s Wharf. The classic cocktail standard is made in a glass mug pre-heated with hot water, then filled with coffee, two lumps of sugar, Irish whiskey and a float of lightly whipped whipping cream.

For a nice over-the-top variation to Irish Coffee try the Caramel Irish Coffee that was created at Haven Rooftop overlooking New York City’s Time Square. Tis dizzyingly delicious and should put the leap into any leprechaun!

Caramel Irish Coffee

Pre-heat glass or a coffee mug


.Hot Coffee

.Bailey’s  Irish Cream

.Butterscotch schnapps

.Whipped cream

.Drizzle of caramel