Spooky Wine Snobs: Serve Seven Deadly Zins & More

In The Imbibery and Distillery by Christine McKellar

Go ahead, be a snobbish ghoul at Halloween. Serve wine. And while you’re at it serve inspired wine that serves a purpose: such as these aptly labeled offerings from the Philips family at the Michael David Winery Lodi, California.

With a versatile price range, you can be a stingy spooky scarecrow with the Seven Deadly Zins and Freakshow varietals ($16-$20 per bottle) or play at being a vicariously voracious and vain vampire and spend your moldy shekels on the good stuff like the Sloth, Rage, Gluttony or Lust zins ($59 per bottle).

For more information and to order wine, please visit: http://www.michaeldavidwinery.com