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A Classic Spin: The House Always Wins

In Vegas Only Bookstore by Christine McKellar

Brian Rouff is a longtime resident of Las Vegas and the author of Dice Angel, Money Shot, and Restless City (A Las Vegas Serial Novel). His latest release, The House Always Wins, is a rollicking, classic roulette spin on the very essence of Sin City.

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“A whirlwind romance leads an unlikely pair of newlyweds to Las Vegas, home of every dream and nightmare they can imagine―from predatory developers to a friendly ghost. Rouff spins a guilelessly winsome fable whose charming heroine needs to have everything from her ghost’s personal history to the ritual significance of her newborn’s bris explained to her―which means that the reader gets treated to all these explanations too.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Anna Christiansen takes on City Hall in this gripping Sin City story. Her mission in The House Always Wins is a classic tale that’s equally suspenseful, well-written, and memorable. Author Brian Rouff keeps the pages turning as he pulls out all the stops in his latest Las Vegas novel.” (Cathy Scott author of Murder of a Mafia Daughter and The Killing of Tupac Shakur, journalist and blogger)

“A page-turner with a humorous twist you won’t want to put down.” (Morgan St. James author of A Corpse in the Soup)

“Las Vegas is a city of ghosts. Some apparitions haunt its mobbed-up past. Others seem to walk among us. Author Brian Rouff understands Las Vegas and its ghosts better than most, and it shows in his latest novel, The House Always Wins. It’s entertaining and intriguing and will make a great addition to your Las Vegas bookshelf.” (John L. Smith author of Of Rats and Men and Even a Street Dog)

“The House Always Wins rings true of old time Las Vegas. Oddly built one-of-a-kind homes? Check. Dead mobster haunting the place? Check. Over-reaching casino owner taking more than he’s entitled to? Yeah, it’s Vegas, baby!” (H. G. McKinnis author of A Justified Bitch)

“Brian Rouff’s latest, The House Always Wins, is a masterful piece that takes the reader down a serpentine path leading to a chilling finish that surprises and delights. Like his other books, it captures the spirit of Las Vegas and keeps the reader in suspense throughout an engrossing story.” (Marc David author of 1,001 Things You Didn’t Want to Know)


To purchase from Amazon: The House Always Wins

For more about the author: Brian Rouff 

Paperback: 324 pages

Publisher: Huntington Press (October 3, 2017)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1944877061

ISBN-13: 978-1944877064