Another Sexy Thrilling Ride! The Shadows of The Sea

In Vegas Only Bookstore by Christine McKellar

Quinn’s done it again. She’s signed on for an epic voyage from Miami to San Diego via Cozumel and the Panama Canal aboard the luxurious 76-ft yacht, the Vanora. She’ll learn she can run but she can’t hide from the drama that had begun to brew on her first yacht delivery from Miami to Jamaica in A Port of No Return. Noah is hounded and haunted by a former unstable lover, the Vanora’s Hispanic captain turns out to be controlling and depraved. The aristocratic and wealthy owner of the mega yacht, Rafael Santiago, has seduction on his mind, and all hell breaks loose on the unsuspecting crew once they transit the Panama Canal. From bow to stern, from port to port, The Shadows of the Sea will hold you hostage in a tale of adventure, romance and betrayal. Order today and read with the FREE Amazon Kindle kindle book app.