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Cancer Survivor Writes and Runs to Inspire

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by Jackie Brett

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“Wonder Woman” the movie was a big hit this year but the character is fictional. Here’s an introduction to Las Vegas resident and transcontinental runner Helene Neville who is the real McCoy. Last month, Neville at age 56 finished her seven-year, 12,955-mile solo run across every state in the continental United States, becoming the first and only woman and only the second person on the planet to accomplish this feat.

As a friend and admirer, this reporter was on hand to witness her amazing accomplishment when she arrived at the main entrance of the Westgate and was greeted by fans, media, staunch supporters, along with the stars and headliner Jennifer Romas of the resort’s “Sexxy” show.

But there is so much more to this amazing lady making her an inspiration for all who meet her. The Four World Record holder for running is also an author, motivational speaker, nurse, mother, grandmother, and five-time brain cancer survivor.

runner's book coverOn a shoestring, Neville makes her runs alone while volunteers drive her vehicle up to 50 miles farther along the route in advance for her to catch up to it. Some nights it’s her bed and for other nights folks give her a place to sleep. Her experiences on each run have stimulated and created the stories for her books, which she authors after each run.

As a devoted nurse, Neville stops at hospitals, cancer centers and schools along the route to share her unbelievable tale of achieving the impossible. Just days before this last run, Neville was in a hospital having a port in her chest unplugged from cancer-fighting drugs. You have to wonder what makes her tick, why is she doing this running and not wilting under the strain of having cancer.

Neville has a definite, never-give-up inner core. What compels her to run may be an altruistic incentive but it is her driving force. Neville has dedicated her life to inspiring and motivating people across the country. She runs to promote health, hope, and unity in America. Neville runs not to see what is wrong with America, but to expose what it right. She encourages all people to rethink the impossible: one state, one mile, one person at a time.

Neville runs to inspire others to realize their dreams. Her fourth and fifth books, “Nurses in Shape-Nation In Shape, Edition II” and “One On The Run, Rethink Impossible” will be released soon and you can follow her on