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In Vegas Only Bookstore by Christine McKellar

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*****Five Star Reviews*****

 A Port of No Return…Reaching Jamaica, of course, does nothing to quell the drama. McKellar skillfully brings the characters to life, and she clearly knows not only the technical details of living and working on a boat, but also the heady thrill of life at sea. New adventures are on the horizon in this adventure series. A sexy, thrilling ride. –Kirkus Reviews

Shadows of the Sea... is a well-written, entertaining novel of suspense, romance, and the sailing of the tumultuous seas. With its cast of captivating characters, Shadows of the Sea will grab your attention from bow to stern. A truly enjoyable book to read. – Connie Harris @

PLEASE NOTE: ***The author has changed publishers and updated all books. Current editions are the KINDLE editions. Sales of older print editions are through third parties only.***

The Devil’s Valet…. We just go all over the world in this hot tale of seduction and murder. It’s got all the parts of a typical recipe, but the baker didn’t make a cake out of it. You’ll find McKellar stirred up something a little richer than you’re used to. I had a heck of a time putting it down to go to work, and then I thought about it all day until I could get my hands back on it and finish it. It was that good. – 5.0 out of 5 stars A. Hisley (California)

If given half a chance Christine McKellar would give Jackie Collins a run for her money. The Devil’s Valet, McKellar’s third thrilling, steamy novel introduces readers to a lovely set of likable California twins. The author fleshes them out, and when the heroine, Crosby Campbell falls in love with an English film star, the tangled web of murder, seduction and intrigue springs from Manhattan to the Hamptons to London to Tokyo and California.

The environments are intoxicating, the characters filled with power and passion. And, even though Crosby’s handsome husband is villainous, McKellar makes him a truly tragic figure. She avoids what I like to call the cookie cutter character pitfall, which is refreshing. Even characters with few redeeming qualities are complex. Nothing is entirely black or white…Linda Lane, Las Vegas Woman Magazine