(Installment #2): Mothology: Dr. “Mothra”

In Vegas Only Bookstore by Christine McKellar

(Installment #2)
BLOGROLL: Dr. “Mothra”
23 July 2018 posted by admin/Alison
     Two years have gone by since Erica’s visit to Las Vegas. Not only do I now see what my spacey cousin was getting at: so do a host of clandestine others. Erica’s suspicions about chemtrails and conspiracies have proven to be true. She was slightly off kilter on only one thing: Her doubt about alien life forms. Erica, there really are aliens.  They aren’t extraterrestrial reptilians, or benevolent eggheads. Aliens, dear cousin, are actually microscopic nano-mites that have traveled for billions of light years through galaxies untold to invade planet Earth.
     Erica’s three-day weekend in Vegas had been significant in that while she was at the Luxor she met Jon Scott, a professor of biology from Minnesota. He was with a group staying at the pyramid-shaped hotel to study its magnificent beam of light and the scores of moths who were attracted to it. He and his companions are also devoted followers of a woman I call “Mothra”: Dr. Jillinda Markenhoff.
     Dr. Markenhoff firmly believes that earth has been invaded by a species of invisible-to-the-human-eye aliens she calls nano-mites. She has repeatedly accused the United States government of being fully aware of the “invasion”: She claims to have assets buried deep in the NASA space program who have been monitoring the situation for several years. Markenhoff openly speculates that the government isn’t trying to poison the entire population of the United States with aerial chemical sprays, i.e. chemtrails, rather they are covertly inoculating the entire country with a mild and harmless aerial pesticide that will destroy the silent invaders.
     The “chemtrail conspiracy” became hot news recently when Markenhoff took her bizarre theory public. “The powers that be and American citizens have no reason to panic. Our new astral species is completely harmless,” the good doctor explained on a variety of TV and radio talk shows. “Nano-mites are somewhat smaller in size to what we earthlings call nano-bots. The big difference is that, unlike the bots, nano-mites are organic in nature and have a sentient intelligence.
     “I have reason to believe these tiny creatures are an extension of a mass intelligence that lives in the deepest reaches of space. Over eons of time, the mass became so dense it found itself fixated. Unable to travel as a whole, it devised a means of extending its life force and consciousness throughout the universe via billions of microscopic particle transmitters—the nano-mites. They’ve come to earth in essence to harvest data from humankind.”
     Markenhoff theorized that nano-mites can only travel via beams of light photons: Like moths they’re attracted to the extra energy emitted by electrons that have been boosted in their orbit around an atom by an outside source. “The spotlight atop the hotel Luxor is the brightest beam in the world. It emits 30.2 billion lumens. That’s the equivalent concentrated light power of 30.2 billion candles. It took several years—two or three at the most—for the light photons from the Luxor to reach the nearest colony of nano-mites in the outer reaches of space. It must have taken the pioneer nanos an equal amount of time to reach earth via the same beam.
     “The scores of moths that are attracted to the Luxor beam here on Earth have become carriers of the nano-mites. As the moths flit from one light source to another, from streetlamps to lighted billboards to residential porch lights, they rapidly spread the nano-mites in ever expanding circles—similar to bees spreading pollen,” she extrapolated.
     Markenhoff has an impressive enough repertoire of scientific jargon to put some real glam on her spin. Her most recent theory is that the nano-mites are inhabiting human bodies en masse to extract DNA codes as well as data and energy. On that platform, she’s developed a cultish and highly-credentialed following comprised of Doctors of Science and Masters of Technology. The ultimate goal is to somehow harness the nano-mites to establish a link of communication between Earth and the cosmic consciousness that created them.
     Obviously, it’s in the best interests of the good doctor and her followers that the government should cease and desist their poisonous efforts to “protect” citizens from the unseen invaders. I’m sure that killing nano-mites off without a fair trial isn’t included in what I facetiously call, “The Mothra Handbook for Space Alien Equality.” These nano-mites are a particular group of undocumented illegal aliens that can’t be tracked, hijacked or incarcerated and they most certainly can’t apply for passports. Not to mention, their borders reach to the edge of the known universe and beyond. Dr. Mothra’s cultish camp grows more vocal each day in their efforts to protect the invaders. They’re attracting members in droves similar to that of the moths that flutter about the Luxor beam; yet she still remains the butt of many a late-night TV host.
     (P.S. In retrospect, I was one of those who joined in on the hilarity. Until Erica’s final visit to Las Vegas that is: her final visit anywhere for that matter…)
…to be continued…
 This short story is a work of fiction. People, events, and situations are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.© “Mothology” 2004 Christine L. McKellar aka C.L. McKellar. All rights reserved. No part of this work of fiction may be translated, reproduced, transmitted or used in any form or format or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the copyright owner.