Need A Good Beach Read?

In Vegas Only Bookstore by Christine McKellar

Do you plan to hit the sun, sand and waves this summer? There’s nothing as relaxing and enjoyable as having a good beach read on hand while sunbathing at the beach. The following is the first in the MsAdventures at Sea series by author Christine McKellar. The fiction series is based loosely on the author’s own misadventures during her voyages as a hired cook on yacht deliveries in the Caribbean and Mexico. (see following post for book two: The Shadows of The Sea)


A-port-of-No-Return-3EDA Port of No Return

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A young woman finds her course on the high seas.


Twenty-one-year-old Quinn Anne Carrigan has drifted far from her conservative Boston upbringing during her two years in Miami. Waking up one morning next to one of her restaurant coworkers, she realizes how far she’s drifted from her own expectations, and feels torn between the guilt drawing her back to Boston and a yearning for something else she can’t quite name. When she’s offered the opportunity, she takes a job as a cook on a yacht being delivered to its new owner in Jamaica…. A sexy, thrilling ride.- Kirkus Reviews

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