Tenacity: The Evolution of an Entrepreneur

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Tenacity is a highly energetic memoir written by Brooklyn born former Marine, Ron Coury.  He details the struggles he faced and the losses he endured in this eye-opening personalized chronology of how the determined entrepreneur survived the  “Good Ol’ Boy” days of early Southern Nevada.


“In this remembrance of his life and times, Coury provides an account that’s both dramatic and cinematic. The author’s story, as the title suggests, focuses on his indefatigable refusal to surrender, and readers won’t be able to help finding this to be an impressive virtue . . . Coury does show himself to be a naturally gifted storyteller with a clear, informally charming style. Although the narrative largely focuses on his business exploits, he candidly discusses his childhood, his bout with esophageal cancer in the mid-2000s, and his happy marriage, as well. An often captivating remembrance that’s brimming with intrigue.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Inspiring, illuminating, and searingly written, this is a book for someone who has faced tough odds and both lived to tell about it and provides a rather solid hero.”Grady Harp –San Francisco Review of Books

‘’Tenacity’ is a business-minded memoir about triumphing over adversity and seizing opportunities for success.” Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Ron Coury is. . . “a brilliant Las Vegas entrepreneur and visionary, and Tenacity is one of the quintessential ‘Only in Vegas’ stories. We need a nation of Ron Courys.” Wayne Allyn Root Review-Journal Columnist and Nationally Known Political Commentator

“’Tenacity’ is like a blockbuster movie that will anger, thrill and ultimately inspire with the powerful message that even when the fix is in, the good guys sometimes come out on top.” Bob Burris Film/TV Producer

“Whether you’re a young entrepreneur embarking on your first venture or a seasoned business veteran, a Las Vegas aficionado seeking a glimpse behind the curtain from a longtime insider’s perspective or someone looking for a motivational blueprint on how to beat the longest of life’s odds, ‘Tenacity’ is the book for you.” – Brian Rouff Author of “Dice Angel,’ “Money Shot” and “The House Always Wins”

Hardcover: 294 pages

Publisher: Las Vegas Publishing Group, LLC (December 20, 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1732721009

ISBN-13: 978-1732721005

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