The Artt of the Black Card: Pocket-sized With a Punch

In Vegas Only Bookstore by Christine McKellar


Anthony Sadana’s “The Art of the Black Card,” is a fresh, concise, irreverent instruction manual on how to succeed as an entrepreneur based on the author’s own original insights and his risk-taking record as a businessman and innovator. Although some readers have compared “The Art of the Black Card” to “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” this is not a cookie-cutter business book filled with tired advice and worn-out cliches. “The Art of the Black Card” is a contrarian guidebook for success for a new generation of business owners and leaders —

Irreverent, honest, and right on the money. Powerful business insights from a man who’s seen it all. If you want to make a lot of money on your own terms, this is the book for you. – Robert F. Burris

The Artt of The Black Card: The No-Bullsh*t Guide to Business, is an attractively packaged, compact, easy to read handbook that packs a powerful punch. Men will relate to the knock-down-get-back-up-and-push-harder approach to entrepreneurship. For a woman in what is still a somewhat male dominated world, it’s like carrying a pistol in the pocketbook for reference. –Reviewed by Christine L. McKellar, publisher/author/ TV host and producer.

You will ask yourself why you have not followed this advice before. Cannot say enough about this book, read it as soon as you can. –
Julio Garcia MD