The Devil Made Me Do It

In Vegas Only Bookstore by Christine McKellar

One of the best compliments I’ve received was from an editor who claimed to be blown away that I was the author of the Sea of Love sexy sailing series as well as the intriguing The Devil’s Valet. He said I had two such distinct voices he would never have guessed I’d written each of them. I wrote The Devil’s Valet between A Port of No Return and The Shadows of the Sea. I had refinanced my house to give me the freedom to write three novels in three years. I guess the devil made me do.
Just released on Amazon Kindle! Print copies are sold out. Five star reviews for The Devil’s Valet. What better way to to escape lockdown fever and travel restrictions than with a good (Kindle) book! To read the full reviews and to purchase a copy click on the link below.  Amazon offers a FREE downloadable Kindle reader app for buyers. I downloaded it on my tablet, plus added some good books to my library. LOVE IT.
The environments are intoxicating, the characters filled with power and passion. And, even though Crosby’s handsome husband is villainous, McKellar makes him a truly tragic figure. She avoids what I like to call the cookie cutter character pitfall, which is refreshing. Even characters with few redeeming qualities are complex. Nothing is entirely black or white. -– Linda Lane, Las Vegas Woman Magazine
We just go all over the world in this hot tale of seduction and murder. It’s got all the parts of a typical recipe, but the baker didn’t make a cake out of it. You’ll find McKellar stirred up something a little richer than you’re used to. I had a heck of a time putting it down to go to work, and then I thought about it all day until I could get my hands back on it and finish it. It was that good. – 5.0 out of 5 stars A. Hisley (California)
A chance meeting with her favorite movie star snares a young woman in a web of ambition, betrayal and revenge…McKellar (A Port of No Return, 2006, etc.) has created a strong, empathetic heroine, and she renders the world she moves in in convincing detail. The over-the-top plot may prove rough going for some readers, but others will find it a rollicking good ride. A frothy diversion worthy of a Lifetime movie. – Kirkus Review