2022 April Grammy Drive Up Event

In Vegas VIP Scene-ery by Vegas Only Entertainment

Circa Hosts Pre-Grammy Gifting Drive-Up Event

contributed by Debbie Hall

Gift Lounge Distributes Amazing Gift Bags to Nominees and Presenters

In Partnership with Circa’s Steakhouse, Barry’s Downtown Prime, Dubois Penlin & Associates, a Pre-GRAMMY Award Drive-Up Event was held to distribute 75 curated gift bags to GRAMMY Award nominees and presenters.


Iconic musician Steve Stevens and wife Josie enjoyed the gift lounge. Steve is best known as Billy Idol’s guitarist and songwriting collaborator. He also won a GRAMMY award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance his lead guitar work in the “Top Gun Anthem” for the movie Top Gun.

Grammy Award Winner Autumn Rowe (Album of the Year Freedom) posed with Jennifer Cervantes, creator of Tough as a Mother jewelry.

Mercedes from Mercedes Music and Comedian Eddie Griffin appreciated the gifts.

Obba Babatundé, actor, producer, director and singer, is one of the stars of CBS network Swat, posed with Chef Barry Dakake, co-owner of Barry’s Downtown Prime.

GRAMMY Award nominees (and husband and wife) Sam Ashworth and Ruby Amanfu enjoyed the gift lounge.

Located in Circa’s Garage Mahal valet, the “Pre-GRAMMY Drive-Up” event guests and presenters picked up a hand-tailored gift bag full of high-end brands including:

  • Barry’s Downtown Prime
  • Brandon Clinton Sport Horses
  • chipz Happens
  • clckr
  • Debco Dogo Delights
  • Facial Lounge
  • Frankie Dean
  • Hearthstone Collective
  • Helen Ficalora
  • jus D’Amour by Mercedes
  • Luxie Beauty
  • Manna Kadar Beauty
  • Mantra Mask
  • Moods, by yemmie
  • Oille’s Cosmetics
  • Paid to Be Perfect: The Secret to Finding Your Perfect
  • Peaches Skincare
  • Sake Baby!
  • Sélee
  • SkinMedica
  • Social Sparkling Wine
  • SOORI Bali
  • Sunday Scaries
  • The Path 365
  • The Candy Pushers
  • Topo Chico
  • Tough as a Mother
  • Matter of Fact

Also in the bag was a $5,000 certificate from energy healer/hypnotist Richard Garnier, founder of Hypnomagnetism located in Santa Monica California. For more info, visit www.richardgarnier.com.

DPA produced the Pre-Grammy Gifting Drive-Up Event and it was more than a drive up; it was a party. Everybody came out of their cars and took pictures with the products.

“I loved the gift bags we compiled and each of these companies. We have remarkable products but also for selected guests a trip to Soori Bali Hotel in Bali. It should give all our nominees some good vibes, and good spirits in this crazy time,” says CEO Nathalie Dubois.

The management and staff DPA was touched and affected by the crisis in Ukraine and decided to give away one of these coveted gift bags to a charitable organization raising funds to help Ukrainian in needs.