Nevada Dispensaries Implement Home Delivery

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Nevada Dispensary Association Members Express Support for Strict Adherence to Governor Sisolak’s COVID-19 Response, Launching Stay Home for Nevada Support Campaign and Cannabis Delivery Informational Resource

LAS VEGAS –Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA) members are committed to complying with Governor Steve Sisolak’s executive order, issued March 21, 2020, requiring cannabis sales to be conducted by delivery only. The NDA and its members commend the Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) for quickly implementing a virtual vehicle inspection to help dispensaries quickly obtain certification for delivery vehicles.

While it is anticipated that all NDA members are following, and will continue to follow, the Governor’s executive order issued March 21, 2020, any NDA member found in violation of the order will be terminated as a member.

The NDA has developed and will share social media materials with members supporting the Governor’s “Stay Home for Nevada” message. The NDA also updated its website at to include information on delivery. The NDA has already provided protocols on applying CDC social distancing guidelines to cannabis deliveries, as well as a refresher on delivery rules and regulations.